HandyBot is a puzzler, where you control a cute little robot, who has just one, but very handy arm. The goal of the game is to get to the hatch that leads to the next level. After many levels, on the very bottom of the space station – there is...well scroll down to see what's there ;) You have to get there! How to do it when your body is not complete enough to walk? Use your extendable robotic arm as well as the obstacles on your way – they are quite useful! The main and most important objects in the game are boxes, every box works differently, and there are many types of them. Plan your moves carefully to finish every level!


What happened…
Something happened on the very bottom of the space station! Scroll down now to check it out!


What HandyBot can do…
Our little fella will grab, pull and move boxes of all sorts around the space station in order to get to the next level. The station is loooong. Long enough to contain many, many levels in each sector, with different features.

Standing - Basic feature. He can stand almost anywhere, but mostly prefers standing on an exit hatch. 


Reaching - HandyBot can reach anything within range.


Moving - Grab a thing and pull himself to it.


Pulling - Or, pull the thing to himself.


Exiting - And finally, he has to be smart enough, to get to the hatch and stand on it!

But, this is not the end! See, what’s waiting for you on the way:


 Standard box - Stick to it or grab it. Two in one.
There is some cargo inside. But it's not important, really...


One-way box - Pass side and grab side. Really handy.
Variants available - vertical and horizontal.



Track box - Move it or grab it.
Has steering side and holding side. Use it wisely.


Magnetic box - Move it with everything it touches.
Every box it magnetize, can magnetize other boxes!


Transmission box - Turn your hand.
Make handy network with Transmission boxes!


Taxi box - Move with it!
Now you can move yourself almost freely. High tech inside!


- Oh no, the cosmonaut rope is broken! You need to reach the bottom of the space station. Scroll up to find out how!


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